Egyptian Policeman Shoots Colleague Dead Because His Facebook Posts Weren’t Funny

Egyptian Police

We’ve all thought about it.

A policeman named Wael El Shabrawy over in Egypt has justified shooting his colleague Sergeant Emad Abdel Halim twice in the stomach by saying that his Facebook posts just weren’t funny. I guess we’ve all thought about it.

The bullet wounds caused severe internal bleeding and Abdel Halim was dead before he event reached the hospital. In his defence, El Shabrawy stated that the Sergeant bullied and taunted him repeatedly on Facebook in posts that were designed to be funny but were more just mean and out of order. Still, I don’t think that’s any reason to kill someone – an alternative and much more reasonable solution would be to just block them from your newsfeed for example. Or maybe just leave some comments underneath the status dissing him back. There are easier ways to solve this problem.

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El Shabrawy had previously been expelled from the police force in 2007 following several ‘violations’ of police policy and absences from work, but he was hired back after the 2011 revolution. Many low level policemen in the Egyptian force don’t have to undergo the rigorous training and study afforded to higher ranking officers, so as such there are unfortunately a lot of incidents like this one, with the assault of a woman on the Cairo metro and the beating of a doctor in a hospital recent complaints. Nothing as stupid as this though.

El Shabrawy is currently being held on pre meditated murder charges and is expected to serve a long time in jail. At least he showed that dude not to mess with him on Facebook though I suppose. To be fair though if he was leaving Facebook status updates like any of these guys, I might have been tempted to reach for a gun too. Probably to blow my own brains out rather than anyone else’s though.


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