An Egg Fight Broke Out In Tesco When Mother Failed To Observe Remembrance Sunday

Of course there was.

It’s very well known that you need to observe two minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday as a mark of respect to those who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars and it’s a real major faux pas to speak during it, so it’s not surprising that it all kicked off in a Tesco when one woman failed to be quiet yesterday.

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The incident went down in a branch of the supermarket in South Bank, Eston in Middlesborough yesterday, where all the shoppers fell silent at 11:00 am except for one woman that continued to shop and speak on her mobile phone. Another shopper ordered her to be quiet and it wasn’t long until a massive brawl had broken out, with the two women ending up throwing eggs at each other.

Here’s what one witness said about it all:

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We were all standing still, observing the two minutes’ silence when we heard lots of screaming and shouting.

Everyone was looking at each other, we were like ‘what’s going on’.

I heard someone shout ‘you’ve disrespected my mother!’

All the staff started running towards the eggs aisle.

I asked someone what was going on and they said a woman had asked another woman to stop talking through the silence and the next minute they were fighting with each other.

There were smashed eggs all over the floor.

It was definitely not something you see every day.

I only went in for a chicken.

Completely normal behaviour to go into Tesco solely to pick up a chicken right? No vegetables or potatoes or anything else with that mate?

Anyway, it’s pretty disrespectful for that woman to be talking through the two minutes’ silence, I have to agree with that and it sounds like she reacted really badly when the other woman tried to remind her of it. Not sure if it was enough to end up brawling over, but some people do feel strongly about the strangest things these days it seems and are willing to put their dukes up to defend those beliefs. Looks like this was another one of those times.

Kinda crazy there’s no footage of the egg fight on the internet too because everyone is so online all the time in 2020, but maybe everyone else was actually respecting the silence so didn’t want to get their phones out? Only explanation I can think of really.

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