Six Men Plead Guilty To EDL Bomb Plot

edl bomb plot

I’m sure there’s no shortage of people who want to see the EDL get what’s coming to them, but these guys epically failed to do it.

edl bomb plot

No doubt a lot of people, myself included, will have mixed feelings about this story, given the fact that most of the EDL’s members and supporters make a strong, unintentional case for imposed sterilisation, but here’s how it went down anyway.

Six men have pleaded guilty to plotting to bomb an EDL rally in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. On Saturday the 30th of June last year, they drove to Dewsbury in two cars, armed to the teeth with sawn-off shotguns, bombs, knives and two swords, clearly ready to cause some carnage.

Unfortunately for the would-be bombers, their intended targets had long since done one by the time they got there. Not enough senior EDL speakers were present at the event to keep it going, so the tragically too-late terrorists wandered around for a bit, bought some fish and chips then got into their cars and drove back home to Birmingham. Yeah, nice jihad bro!

EDL bomb plot

It got a whole lot worse for the hapless fail factories, however, as one of the cars was stopped by the police and impounded for having no insurance, which inevitably led to their demise. Once impounded, the boot of the car was eventually checked and police discovered the weapons and also a letter, addressed to the “English Drunkards League”, the “kuffar (non-believer) female devil, the self-proclaimed Queen Elizabeth” and David Cameron. Among the weapons was a bomb made out of an adapted four-foot firework full of nails and ball bearings.

EDL bomb plot

The six accused all pleaded guilty to plotting the attack at Woolwich Crown Court, and will no doubt face lengthy prison sentences. But questions have been raised as to how much knowledge the police and MI5 had about the group.

One of the men, Jewel Uddin, had been under surveillance by the West Midlands Counter-Terrorism Unit after being involved with a fraudulent charity that was actually a cover-up for a group of wannabe suicide bombers. When the fraud was uncovered, Uddin escaped jail on the grounds that he was unaware of the group’s true intentions, but the WMCTU decided to carry on monitoring him anyway.

They observed Uddin and Omar Khan, one of his accomplices, travelling to Dewsbury and back, entering homeware shops and even purchasing knives. But on the day the group travelled to Dewsbury to carry out their plan, nobody within the WMCTU had been assigned to monitor them, leading people to question whether the plan could have been stopped altogether.

The fact is, if those jihadist jokers had gotten to Dewsbury slightly earlier, or if the EDL hadn’t been so sloppy at organising their own event that it had to end more prematurely than your first sexual encounter, then there might have been a few less racist, logic-lacking pricks in the world. Thinking about it, would that have been so bad? Just saying…

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