This Is What Life Would Be Like If Ed Miliband Had Won The Election

Welcome To ‘The Miliverse’.

Despite being just last year, the UK’s latest general election seems like eons ago. Since then, so much weird political stuff has happened both here and overseas that we’ve almost completely forgotten the dramas and turmoil towards the run up before the news that we’d be stuck with the tories for another four years. Whilst most of us have completely forgotten all about our ex leader of the opposition Ed Miliband, there are some corners of the internet that are pretending that he never lost at all.


The Miliverse is a Twitter account ran by writer Joel Cornah that acts as though Ed Miliband was the true winner of the big election and is now our one true prime minster, if you were one of the many left feeling downtrodden by the results of last year’s results then you one hundred percent need to give it a follow. With recent news including Theresa May’s cuts on child poverty funds and her ridiculous gold flared trousers, it feels a lot safer to hide in the fictional timeline compared to our very depressing reality.

Here’s a flavour of the kind of tweets you can expect from The Miliverse. We’re totally feeling the festive ones in the run up to Christmas.

Although the political satire account is pretty fucking hilarious, it’s definitely no Dungeons and Donalds.


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