Easter Bunny Gave Condoms To Children After Mix Up With Safe Sex Clinic Egg Basket


Easter weekend coincided with a heatwave in this country so I’m sure everyone experience a brief respite from the cost of living crisis and whatever other problems they were facing, even if they didn’t manage to bag themselves an Easter Egg. However, over at Gullett Elementary School in Austin, Texas some of the people that did manage to get their own mitts on Easter Eggs turned out to not have such a great experience after they ended up finding unused condoms inside of them instead of toys or chocolate buttons or whatever.

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The major mix up apparently happened when a mother of one of the pupils decided to hand out eggs in an Easter Bunny costume without the permission of the school and ended up running out, because who wouldn’t want a free egg, right? Unfortunately when she tasked her husband with bringing her some replacement ones from her home, he accidentally picked up a basket of eggs which was meant to be handed out at a nearby safe sex clinic, hence the unused condoms. Oops.

Here’s what parent Nathan Jensen said about the incident on his Facebook account:

Kinda wanna know a bit more about it than that – what exactly does ‘chaos ensued’ involve? – but Nate hasn’t tweeted about it since other than to talk about his disdain regarding a local newspaper using it for a story. Can’t wait until he sees that his little tweet has made it international!.

Anyway, obviously that’s not a great look for the school or the woman involved, but I’m sure she was fairly mortified and no children were actually too damaged by seeing condoms in eggs. I doubt they even understood what they were to be honest so I doubt there’s any lasting trauma. Probably just blew them up like balloons.

Main question about all this has to be regarding whether people think that handing out condoms in Easter Eggs is a successful method of promoting contraception or abstinence or whatever? I guess first they have to be handed out to the right people of course, but it seems like a bizarre marketing strategy in the first place. Here’s hoping Austin doesn’t suddenly have a population problem because of the mixup.

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