Easter Bingo: What We ALWAYS See At Easter

Start looking out.

It’s always fun to have a bit of a novelty game of bingo around particular occasions. During the Oscars we can expect to see crying, anti-Trump speeches, and the odd wardrobe malfunction, and the same applies to Easter.

The bank holiday weekend always throws up plenty of traditions and cliches. In fact, to celebrate Easter this year, one bingo brand has even created a special Easter Bingo card. Moon Bingo have put together the limited edition ticket for fans to mark off as the weekend progresses, including a wealth of different things we associate with the festivities including painted eggs, ribbons, and colourful bouquets. But what are the things we most associate with Easter weekend?

Chocolate Eggs

Easter may well be a religious festival marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but ask anyone to name one thing they associate with Easter, and it will undoubtedly be chocolate eggs.

They come in all shapes and sizes these days and this year millions will be tucking into them worldwide. All we can say is, pace yourselves…

Easter Egg Hunts

Before eating them, we often have to find them first and Easter egg hunts are a big tradition in the UK and can offer hours of fun. No matter what sort of space you have you can enjoy an egg hunt, whether that be out in the garden, in the kitchen or wherever you see fit. It’s why they are so popular and are played by many families each and every year.

Dressed Egg Competitions

While Easter bingo might provide a bit of friendly competition over the weekend, so will a dressed egg competition, which have been enjoyed by generations down the years. A hard-boiled egg offers a blank canvas to really let the creative juices flowing, with dressed egg competitions allowing you to take inspiration from almost anywhere. You can theme your competitions or be as barmy as you want and this year it’s the perfect activity to enjoy with friends on Zoom.

Easter Bonnets

In a similar vein, Easter bonnet competitions also offer you the chance to get a little creative and we see competitions from brands and local community projects up and down the country taking place every year.

It’s the perfect type of activity to be enjoying at home or over video call and all you need is a straw hat, some glue, and plenty of accessories to start creating


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