How Beauty Procedures Looked In The Early 20th Century

Beauty Procedures 1930s-40s Featured

Spoiler alert: pretty much nothing at all like they do now and in fact pretty horrific.

Beauty procedures have clearly come a long way since the turn of last century as some of these pictures are straight up horrific/terrifying but also kind of stupid – can you really de-freckle someone using the apparatus in the picture above and even if you could, was it worth going through what looks like a particularly painful and gross procedure?

Still, people might be saying this about everything we’re using at the moment in 100 years time, who can tell? But for now we can take a look at these products and be thankful that we don’t ever have to use any of them, unless we’re being tortured or getting involved in some semi-bizarre S & M fantasy.

In the 1920s you had to have this many hair dryers to dry your hair effectively.

This was going down in Germany in 1929. Not sure what it was exactly but we’re told that it’s assumed to be hair weaving. We’re not sure though.

Though this device from the 1930s looks like something Jigsaw might have invented in the Saw movies, it actually helps the application of makeup and was invented by Max Factor. Can finally see why he’s such an esteemed name in the world of makeup now.

This isn’t an old school gimp mask, despite its immediate appearance. You actually plugged this into the mains and it would heat your face to aid circulation and try and make your skin look fresh. It could probably be used in some kinky S & M too if the mood took you.

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