Here’s The Moment Eamonn Holmes Exposed His Micropenis

Eamon Holmes

Poor Ruth.

In one of the more awkward segments of This Morning in recent memory, the gang had some people on who were sharing their experiences of what it’s like to live with a micropenis.

Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langford were conducting the interview, and for the most part acted with kindness and consideration when talking to these three dudes who aren’t exactly packing the most impressive heat in the world. They actually all seemed remarkably OK with it, which is great to be honest.

However, Eamonn Holmes didn’t seem OK talking about it at all, or with his wife talking about it and acted like a really old fashioned man who wasn’t allowed to talk about dicks when he was a kid or something and still hadn’t got around to the concept of it. Think he might be hiding something?

It gets especially bad in the second video where Ruth is talking about how long their penises are:

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Yeah he didn’t look too happy there did he, especially when he was keen to tell the viewers that Ruth hadn’t been conducting the measurements herself.

Not sure what his issue was? Maybe that Ruth was going to start talking about his penis on live TV? Maybe that she was going to realise that he had a micropenis that was smaller than all three of theirs?

In any case, I don’t really think any of those guys’ penises are actual micropenises, they’re just kinda small. I’ve heard of guys who have penises that are less than an inch long or inverted – now that’s when you’ve got a real problem.

Or if you’re a female bodybuilder and your steroid abuse causes you to grow a micropenis that’s about one inch long. That’s another real problem.


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