Dying Wife Asks Husband If She Can Have Sex With Her Ex One Last Time


It’s the first Monday in March but it’s highly likely that we won’t find an article anywhere near as awkward as this one over the rest of the month, after a dying wife asked her husband if it was OK for her to have sex with her ex one last time before she passes on.

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The husband took to Reddit to discuss the situation as he quite honestly felt like he had nowhere to turn because he was so embarrassed and ashamed of her request and had no idea how to react to it. Here’s what he had to say about the situation:

Damn. That is pretty dam awkward for the guy and a pretty much impossible situation for him to find himself in like he says. I can kind of understand someone having had better sex with someone who isn’t their life partner, but I don’t think you can actually tell your life partner that at any point and say that you want to go back and shag them again one last time before you die because that’s going to be emotionally crippling for them. Seriously.

If you’re gonna do something like that – and you’re dying anyway – then it’s probably just better to go behind their back and do it so they never have to find out. Instead now this poor dude is going to be thinking about what she said long after she’s gone – probably for the rest of his life – whether he lets her go through with it or not. Ridiculous decision on her part. Most of the people on Reddit seem to agree with me too on that one.

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