Dwight Howard Got Caught Using Sticky Spray And He Thought It Was Hilarious

Dwight Howard

Sneaky Dickens.

The Houston Rockets were called out over the weekend after Dwight Howard was caught using Stickum spray. His trick was found out in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, when Hawks forward Paul Millsap noticed that the ball was really sticky.

Dwight had apparently sprayed his hands while waiting to check in. When he got back into the game he grabbed the ball and when it was returned it, Paul noticed the substance, which he said felt like super glue. The official immediately switched the ball and reminded both benches that Stickum is illegal in the NBA.

Despite the firm warning, Dwight appeared to find the whole thing pretty funny as he appears to be laughing in the video:

This isn’t the first time Dwight has used the spray in a game. In fact, he said he does it before every game and he doesn’t understand why everyone is making a big deal out of it.

Erm, probably because it means that your hands will have better grip and you will have an unfair advantage? Still, there is apparently a bit of confusion as technically Stickum as a product isn’t banned, and instead the lead official was referring to a fairness issue.

So it’s not really proper cheating or anything — unlike this cheeky bugger who got busted using his mobile phone to cheat during a tournament. Sneaky, sneaky.


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