Dutch Hairdresser Turns An Umbrella Into A Makeshift Barrier To Protect Against Coronavirus

Is this a good idea?

In these times of social distancing and quarantine, we’re all doing our best to ensure that we can still work and provide an income for ourselves and our families – with some attempts at carrying this out more amusing than others.

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The latest dumb attempt at social distancing and still working comes from a Dutch hairdresser from the  Bella Rosa salon in Oss, north of Eindhoven. The images of the hairdresser have gone viral after she cut a hole in an umbrella for two eye holes and her arms so that she could continue to cut the hair of customers whilst attempting to safely socially distance herself from any potential infection.

Yeah I mean I suppose that’s kinda of funny and it was from a week or so ago – not really sure where they are with lockdown/quarantine over in Holland at the moment – but I don’t think it’s really that responsible in the current climate to be laughing and joking about stuff like this. People really should be staying indoors and not making light of the situation we’re in and I don’t think this video is really helping with that, even if it was made as a bit of a laugh. Two thumbs down from me and that’s before we even talk about the quality of the haircut.

For more of the same, check out this guy’s social distancing disc that he wears whenever he goes outside in Italy. As stupid as that is, it’s a much better idea than the one in this article.


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