Dutch Cop Batters Muslim Woman Who Tries To Stop Him From Arresting Someone (VIDEO)

Was this justified?

This clip is doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment as it shows a Dutch police officer over in Utrecht, Netherlands punching and kicking a Muslim woman who tried to intervene when he was arresting someone.

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Activists are saying it’s a clear case of Islamophobic police brutality:

However when you see a longer video of the incident filmed from another angle, it shows that the two police officers on the scene were getting blindsided from all sides while trying to arrest the guy:

So it appears that the police officer was pissed off and pumped full of adrenaline after being punched and kicked from all angles while trying to make an arrest, and just snapped and took a swing at this lady who happened to be Muslim. The fact that she is a Muslim doesn’t seem to factor into his decision to hit her, and at times where racial tensions are bad enough what’s the point of trying to paint this incident as an Islamophobic hate crime when there’s no evidence to suggest it is? That’s not to excuse the fact he hit her, but why make it seem like even worse a situation than it already is?

Incidents like this and the fake Jussie Smollett hate crime only do a disservice to real victims of hate crimes who often have a hard time being believed as it is. Let’s hope this isn’t some kind of trend we’re going to be seeing more of. 


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