Duncan Bannatyne And His Much Younger Girlfriend Celebrated Valentine’s Day In The Most Cringeworthy Way Possible

Duncan Bannatyne Valentine's Day

Calling it ‘Bannatyne’s Day’ was never a good start.

Duncan Bannatyne was roundly dissed when he posted this absolutely cringeworthy photograph on his Twitter account at Christmas, but it appears he hasn’t learned his lesson as he chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day – or ‘Bannatyne’s Day’ as he called it – with his girlfriend Nigora Whitehorn in much the same way.

Ever since Whitehorn and Bannatyne got together last year they’ve seemed to be on some kind of quest via social media to prove just how in love with each other they actually are and that Whitehorn isn’t actually just a gold digger – she’s 31 years younger than Bannatyne and we’re guessing ‘the age thing’ comes up fairly regularly.

So, in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day (I’m refusing to call it Bannatyne’s Day for obvious reasons) the pair decided to take to all their social media accounts so that everyone could see what they were up to. If some of these pictures didn’t lead to mass unfollowings then I’m disappointed by the state of humanity.

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Ugh so annoying and gross. Why does anyone want to see that? I mean it’s great they’re in love and all that (if they even are, I’m still not convinced) but there’s no need to overshare all that crap. They’re like that annoying couple of Facebook that won’t stop sharing photographs of how in love they are but then you find out that they’ve been cheating on each other a couple of months later. Sharing isn’t caring.

Remember when Bannatyne dissed a 12 year old kid on Twitter asking him for advice too? Guy is fast losing his status as a fan favourite.


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