Sick Chirpse Presents: The Dumbest People On The Internet Volume 2

You’re not ready for the stupidity within.

The world is filled with stupid people, and there’s no better place to see these people in action than on the internet. It’s a place where all idiots of different shapes and sizes come together to share their dumb opinions and feelings all while completely butchering the English language (including us sometimes).

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We’ve decided to compile a few of our faves and maybe turn this into a weekly feature. Welcome to The Dumbest People On The Internet Volume 2:

Tons A Light Us! Classic. Imagine thinking that tonsillitis is actually four separate words strung together to convey an inflammation of the tonsils. That’s so stupid it’s actually harder than knowing how to spell ‘tonsillitis’. Someone call an ambulance, we’ve got a serious case of tons a light us here!

P.S. ‘Jesus Christ’ really is the perfect response.

Two Arsenal fans arguing whether a potential Arsenal signing is 28 or 29 years old. One of these guys is a dumbass and I’m pretty sure you can guess which one. Still, the sort of hilarious interaction that makes Twitter probably the best free app in the world.

Racist, capitalist, misogynistic, poorly-dressed gamer boys giving the gaming community a bad name? Not on Ian Hyde’s watch. Bet his DMs are being flooded with gamer girl vag as we speak.

Coffin. Skate. Coffin skate i.e. confiscate. I was wondering whether this guy was just trolling but “coffin skate” is so dumb that it has to be real. In fact it’s even taken on a life of its own on Urban Dictionary:

You have to love the internet.

Thanks for the clarification there, junkyardjai. Wouldn’t want your woke buddies throwing you under the bus.

Moan of Lisa. Painted by Leonardo no doubt:

And finally…

Mr. meaner. Not misdemeanor… Mr. meaner. You get 4 weeks in prison for a Mr. mean theft and 6 months for a Mr. meaner. Life sentence for a Mr. meanest. Don’t get caught with anything you shouldn’t have in your cell or the prison guards will coffin skate it.

That’s it for this week.

For more internet dumbassery, check out last week’s instalment HERE.


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