Guy’s Insane Dumbbell Trick Gets Totally Overshadowed By OAP In The Background

Dumbbell Trick

Better luck next time.

I’m not really one to show off by doing completely ridiculous stunts that don’t really make any sense, but if I was then I would absolutely hate to be the guy in this video. He might’ve pulled off the stunt, but it was completely overshadowed by an old dude in the background.

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In the video some ripped gym guy has decided to balance a whole bunch of dumbbells on top of each other, then climb to the top of a ladder, balance on top of the two piles and do a couple of handstand pushups on top of them, all the while with nothing to catch him if he falls. Not to mention the fact that if he did fall then a whole bunch of dumbbells would probably fall on him too.

Unfortunately for the guy though, he’s not going viral because of his quite amazing feat of balance and strength – it’s because the video also managed to pick up an old guy shooting basketball hoops in the background. And he’s good – managing to nail every single one, no matter where he is on the court:

Yep, what an absolute baller. I suppose that guy doing the dumbbell trick should be happy because more and more people are going to see his impressive feat thanks to the OAP, even if it is for all the wrong reasons. So it goes.

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