Is This The Most Horrific Leg Break In Football History?

Luis Garrido

Mexican player Javier Aquino fell with his full body weight onto Luis Garrido’s planted leg and it looks absolutely horrific.

There was another night of international football last night and I’m sure most people reading this probably tuned into England’s show of solidarity with the French or maybe Zlatan’s one man demolition of Denmark. I doubt anyone was too bothered about the Honduras V Mexico match, but if you had been paying attention then you would have seen one of the most horrific leg breaks in football history go down live.

The unlucky protagonist is a 25 year old Honduras player named Luis Garrido, who managed to break his leg after Mexican player Javier Aquino fell with his full body weight onto his planted leg, causing it to bend the wrong way and look like it snapped right in half. It’s absolutely horrific (although you might need to watch this Vine a few times to figure out what actually happened, but when you do realise OH MAN!) so if you’re squeamish then please don’t bother.

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Jesus. The game was immediately stopped for several minutes and he was taken to a hospital in Houston, Texas – this was where the game was being played. Our thoughts are with Garrido and we hope that he’s OK and makes a full recovery because that is one nasty looking injury. Perhaps the worst leg break of all time, seriously.

In case you’re not convinced that this is up there, check out the top 5 leg breaks of all time afterward. Ouch.


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