VIDEO: Belgian Baskeball Player Misses 4 Simple Layups In A Row When Shooting Into The Wrong Net


I didn’t understand this video but then I figured it out and watched it again and it’s really fvcking funny.


Ok first things first, the picture above is not from this video or even associated with it because the guy in that picture is actually completing a layup and not fvcking it up 4 times in a row. He’s also quite clearly playing basketball in the NBA and not the Belgian 5th division too, I just picked it because the only images of this guy actually screwing up these layups were youtube screengrabs that completely sucked so I wanted to use something better. So ANYWAY,  this is a really weird video and for a minute I wasn’t even really sure what was going on. Actually scrap that it was a bit longer than a minute – I was still trying to figure out exactly what was happening after I had watched it all the way through but then I read some of the comments on the YouTube channel and finally understood.

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Basically, the clip comes from a 5th division Belgian basketball match (yeah, I know, but apparently 5th division basketball is big over in Belgium and actually makes it onto the TV somehow. Crazy.) and some team has a free throw. I’m gonna assume that everyone here knows what a free throw is and not bother explaining that one to you. So yeah the guy takes the three throw, misses it and everyone from his team runs back up the court to defend the next play. That’s when a member of the other team, catches the rebound and tries to do a layup into the net (I’m hoping everyone knows what a layup is too) but misses. All his teammates have already moved up the court and nobody notices what he’s doing. The guy tries to do another layup but misses, then the members of the crowd start shouting at him, but he continues trying to get this layup into the wrong basket. The crowd continues to get more restless and then two of his teammates realise and run back and try and stop him, but he’s still in his own world trying to score this basket into his own net. One of his own players even attempts to block him, but he needn’t have bothered because he misses the layup again for the 4th time. Then finally the play resumes with all the players shooting in the right direction.

I don’t know who this guy is but this is pretty crazy right? I mean not only are the players clearly in YELLOW and BLUE vests – two colours that probably couldn’t be more different if they tried –  but how could this guy think after four failed lay up attempts that nobody else was in there challenging him for it, especially when it was so crowded to begin with during the free throw? I mean I know players get subbed in and out of basketball all the time but surely it isn’t that hard to figure out which way you’re shooting, especially if the opposing team are taking a free throw when you come on? I wouldn’t say I knew a lot about basketball – far from it – but I think I know more than this clown. How the hell did he even manage to get into the Belgian 5th division? It must be a FAIRLY good standard if it’s televised right? What a nutjob.

Check out the video below, hopefully it will become a massive blooper because I’ve never seen anything like it before. Just needed some help understanding it.

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