Duke Nukem’s Back With A Special 20th Anniversary World Tour (With Even More Strippers)

Hail to the king baby.

It’s unbelievable really to think that the original Duke Nukem 3D game came out almost 20 years ago, but it did and it’s fondly remembered by everyone who was allowed to buy it back then as being a really crude, stupid shoot ’em up with one of the dumbest antiheroes ever as its protagonist, but that’s why we loved it.

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Now, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the highly enjoyable shoot ’em up, whoever the hell owns the rights to it now has decided to release an anniversary edition of the game on modern platforms. This might get me slightly excited usually, but looking at the trailer it’s a major disappointment – you’ll see what I mean:

I mean as much fun as the original Duke Nukem games were, why would anyone want to play them again with the same crappy graphics 20 years later? I suppose there are some new levels which have been made by some guys who some geeks might completely cream over, but the rest of us aren’t really going to give a fuck really are we? Maybe create a brand new game with a new graphics engine and then we might be interested yeah? Until then I’m probably going to waste my money on the new Fallout 4 map instead, thank you very much.

At least this wasn’t as embarrassing as when Duke Nukem Forever finally came out after a 15 year wait or whatever. That really was trash.


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