Dudes On Twitch Chat Send A Prostitute To Live Streamer’s House; He Freaks Out And Calls His Mom

Live Streamer Pranked With Hooker

If you’re planning on being a professional live streamer then don’t tell anyone your address basically.

I don’t really get live streaming – most of the time your life is so boring, especially when you’re sat in front of a computer that I can’t really comprehend why anybody else would want to watch it. Nevertheless, it seems like it’s absolutely huge and people spend a large chunk of their lives both watching and taking part in it. Ridiculous.

Sometimes though, you do get those moments where it seems like it might actually be worth tuning in every now and again and this is one of them. Some live streamer called Gross Gore – cool name – has an absolute meltdown when his address gets leaked somehow and some people watching him on Twitch Chat decide to order a hooker to his house.

Previously he also had every takeaway in the area delivered to his house, every police officer in the area sent to his house and every taxi in the area ordered to his house. These internet guys are fucking jokers man.

Needless to say Gross Gore doesn’t take it well and gets even more freaked out when the head of the agency turns up at his apartment too, eventually resulting in him calling his mom to freak out at her about what went down. That kind of sums up how pathetic live streaming can be – guy clearly doesn’t have any friends to bitch to about his problems.

It’s a long video but it’s worth watching it all as there are a lot of classic moments from Gross Gore generally just being a major idiot. I suppose I can almost see why people tune into his channel, although it must surely have got a lot better now everyone on the internet is just completely rinsing him all the time.

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Wow, what a clown – why the hell did he call his mom about it afterwards? Why would you want your mom to know a hooker came over to your house, even if it was a prank? That’s not even a funny story to tell her, it’s just going to upset her. I guess Gross Gore probably isn’t the best at social interaction though is he?

Anyway, this might have been funny, but was it as funny as when this moron live streamer burned down his own house whilst live streaming? No, no it wasn’t.


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