VIDEO: Dude With Ponytail Makes Weight Machine His Bitch

This guy looks like he couldn’t lift a kitten out of a paper bag, then he treats the weight machine like a kid playing with a toy.

Being a guy with long hair, I’m aware we have a reputation for not being the ‘manliest’ of men. When we watch actions films who are the heroes? Large muscular guys with little to no hair. I mean, I guess we can claim Jack Sparrow or that Dothraki guy with the hot blonde dragon girlfriend from Game of Thrones, but one is a drunk and the other is dead, so yeah, not the greatest line up.

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However, we finally have a champion, a hero to call our own, a contender has stepped forward into the battlefield, and that man is going to blow your mind when you see how much he can lift and how badass he looks when he does it.



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