Dude Gets The Ultimate Comeuppance For Dropping The N-Bomb To A Black Guy (VIDEO)

When a drunk racist gets what he deserves.

It’s never nice to watch someone get the shit beaten out of them on camera, but there are some cases where you at least get the sense that justice is being served.

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This old dude spends a good while talking shit and getting in the other guy’s face, but it’s only when he drops the N bomb that he gets the reaction he’s looking for:

Well, can’t say that wasn’t deserved. It really looked like the black dude would have allowed him to talk shit forever if he just left the racism out of it. I don’t know if the old man was looking for a fight or what but he definitely pushed his luck just a little too much. Only so far you can press one man’s buttons before he responds by pummelling you with a 600-punch combo.

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