Dude Thinks He’s A Bigman By Eating A Ghost Pepper; Burns A One Inch Hole In His Throat


Leave it out mate.

In the past ten years or so, the world has become more and more obsessed with eating challenges and the pinnacle of these usually involve some kind of consumption of the ghost pepper – the hottest pepper in the world.

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Most times when you hear about someone trying to consumer the ghost pepper or see a video of it, it normally involves them thinking they’re really awesome, eating it and then spending the next hour or so drinking milk, sweating and looking like they’re having an absolutely horrible time. But amazingly, it can actually affect people even worse than this by actually burning a goddamn hole in their throat.

Reports are surfacing on the internet of an unnamed man entering a chill eating contest and an unnamed location in America and apparently after he consumer the ghost pepper he reacted really badly to it, starting to vomit and retching violently and repeatedly. The man didn’t stop and an ambulance was called and he was admitted to hospital, where it transpired that the excessive vomiting had caused an inch wide hole to appear in his oesophagus. Jesus.


The guy was fortunately operated on and had to spend 23 days in hospital. Although it wasn’t technically the heat of the ghost pepper that caused a hole to be burned in his throat, the pepper did lead to him vomiting and retching so I’m gonna say it pretty much caused it.

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Think twice if you think you’re a badass and can nail one of these eating challenges, because in all honesty you probably can’t. Check out this guy taking a bath in 1250 litres of hot sauce for example. Moron.


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