Dude Takes 2 Massive Punches To The Face And Keeps Coming Back For More As The Crowd Looks On

Here’s how to win a fight without throwing a punch.

How would you feel if you landed two of your best shots on a stoned/drunk hippie in a purple hoody and not only failed to put him down, but kept being taunted by him as thousands of people looked on expectedly?

Pretty demoralised, tbh…

What a legend. I mean to take that first shot…

And then come back for more looking like this…

… is nothing short of heroic in my view.

Especially after then eating a second shot and still following the guy up the stairs, mocking him, and waving goodbye like the last 30 seconds never even happened…

You might even say… he won the fight? Imagine – getting punched in the face twice, not retaliating, and still somehow coming out the winner. I’ve never seen anything like it. Not to mention he got to stay in the stadium and watch the rest of the game while it looks like the other guy got escorted out.

The biggest W though? The fact he’s so shitfaced he probably won’t even remember this incident when he wakes up in the morning. What a champion.

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