Dude Starts Street Fight With Local Skater; Gets His Eye Socket Smashed To Hell And Back

Venice beach street fight

All talk, no action.

If you’re going to be the idiot to start a street fight over something as menial as ten dollars, at least do it with someone you know you can beat.

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Some dude over on Venice Beach, California, picked the wrong skater dude to start a scrap with. As said, it was meant to be over a very small amount of money and even though the guy in the grey t-shirt started the whole thing, the dude in the pink shorts completely obliterates him.

He’s obviously butt-hurt by getting his face bashed in, and the man filming makes it even worse by telling him off for instigating it. Gutted mate.

What the fuck is he on about at the end, calling him a communist and that? He even tries to start a fight with the crowd after calling him out. This dude is clearly all talk and no action.

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