Dude Tries To Show Support For BLM Protesters, Ends Up Getting His Windows Smashed (VIDEO)

Being an ally is not without its challenges.

It’s been evident over the last few days that peaceful protests over the senseless death of George Floyd have been hijacked by looters and rioters who are looking for any excuse to raise hell, and this is showcased in the (sad but also kinda hilarious) footage below.

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These white boys are giving the thumbs up from their apartment window to protesters marching by, making it abundantly clear that they are on the same team, but then, this happens:

Welp, looks like being an ally is not without its challenges. These boys thought they could film the carnage from the comfort of their condo and then post it onto social media to feel good about themselves, but nope, didn’t quite turn out that way. “We’re on your side but also watching you from inside the safety of our apartment while playing drinking games. Here’s a thumbs up to show our solidarity!” Sorry buddy, it was obviously not appreciated.

Who knows, it could be that the thumbs up actually looked like a middle finger from that distance, but it’s probably more to do with the fact that some of the people attending these demonstrations don’t care whose property they vandalise as long as they get to unleash some their rage. And so it continues…

For shocking footage of a policeman firing a tear gas canister at point blank range into a protester’s, click HERE. Bang out of order.


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