Dude Refuses To Give Up In Jiu-Jitsu Fight; Ends Up Nearly Losing An Arm (NSFL)

Jiu-Jitsu Fight

Just listen to that crack.

The below video shows the horrific moment a jiu-jitsu fighter’s arm was snapped in half when he refused to tap out.

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Ethan Crelinsten from Brazil had his opponent held down in an armlock when all of a sudden it cracks under the pressure. The noise is so loud, you can hear the entire crowd recoiling in horror:

Grim. The disgusting accident was filmed at the West Coast ADCC Trials in Abu Dhabi last week. It just goes to show that sometimes it’s better to show weakness in the face of defeat. He should’ve tapped out while he had the chance – now he’s got to deal with a broken arm.

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