Dude Proposes To Girlfriend On Live TV, Accidentally Drops And Loses The Ring (VIDEO)

RIP this dude’s heart.

This guy had spent months planning his big proposal to his girlfriend – he’d got tickets to see the Yankees (their team) at the Yankee Stadium and organised a message to come up on the big screen during the game.

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When the moment came though, he opened the engagement ring box and… dropped the ring.

Check out the absolute killer look of death she gives him:

I doubt that guy has ever panicked so hard about anything in his life. Good thing they found the ring in the end though. What I don’t get is how he spent all that money on the ring and video message and didn’t get better seats? A luxury box maybe? I guess the fact he’s proposing in an American football stadium says it all though really.

Not quite as bad as shocking as holding your wedding reception at McDonald’s.


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