Dude Trolls Girlfriend With The Same ‘Photo’ Joke For Literally Years (VIDEO)

How the hell does she keep falling for this?

Ah, the old “pretend you’re taking a photo and take a video instead” routine. A classic troll move no matter who you are or where you come from.

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This dude named Florin Mehedinti has been doing it to his girlfriend Gracie for YEARS, literally, and she keeps falling for it every time. Got a feeling Florin isn’t going to stop any time soon either, so yeah, good luck Gracie.

Watch below:

Incredible. People will really pose forever if you let them. It really makes you wonder though watching it in compilation form like this — how weird are photos?

Like just the concept of photos. They’re pretty much all staged and not really an accurate presentation of what’s really happening. Shall we just stop taking photos altogether? Is that even possible? Yeah obviously not but at least we’re all wiser now we’ve had a peek behind the scenes.

At least it’s a completely harmless prank, which is more than can be said for this honey trap prank which got taken way, WAY too far.


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