Dude Gets His Phone Stolen, Finds Unreal NSFL Pics Uploaded Onto His iCloud


Losing your phone is a nightmare situation, but for this guy the real nightmare came days later when he discovered some completely fucked up photos getting uploaded to his iCloud account by the thief.

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Just imagine having your phone stolen, waiting on any clues as to its whereabouts, and then boom:


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Can’t wrap my head around it. What is the meaning behind these photos? Did she know they’d make their way onto the victim’s iCloud, and is using them as some form of intimidation? Come after your phone and I’ll choke you like this chicken? But then how do you explain the fat dildo bursting out of the chicken’s stomach?

Whatever the case, the victim doesn’t really cover himself in glory with the way he reacts:

Pretty shitty getting your phone stolen, but I don’t feel so bad for him if that’s how he’s going to be about it.

P.S. If only the thief were as cool as these two ladies, who returned a lost phone they found with a home-made twerking video.


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