Dude Finds Himself Completely Alone In McDonald’s; Jumps The Counter And Makes His Own Meal

Empty McDonald's

The final product leaves something to be desired.

This story is completely unbelievable because when have you ever, ever managed to visit a McDonald’s that had absolutely no people in? Even if you go to a 24 hour one at like 4 a.m. on a Tuesday morning there’s always a bunch of people in there posting up and getting chicken nuggets. so the fact that this Twitter user managed to find one with literally nobody in at all –  including staff – is a miracle in itself.

What did he do when nobody was around to take his order? Jump over the counter and start making food himself of course. And of course he decided to live tweet it all as well as it went down so he had a permanent record of it all. I’m not sure what the meal he came up with in the end is actually all about, but it looks like something McDonald’s might be adding to their menu pretty soon, especially now they’ve started serving weird gourmet burgers at some of their outlets.

Empty McDonald's 1

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