Dude Comes Home To Find His Dog Baked Out Of His Mind After Eating Weed Stash


It’s never a good idea to smoke too much weed because you could end up stoned out of your mind in another dimension and unable to talk, move or literally do anything and it’s almost certainly even worse for a poor animal that accidentally manages to get themselves into this situation.

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This was how one dude found his beloved dog upon his return from work the other day, after the little guy had somehow found his stash of weed and ended up consuming a one gram pre rolled spliff. That”s not gonna turn out so well for a human, let alone a small ass dog.

Anyway, looks like the guy went absolutely wild and tore up a cushion trying to deal with the incoming whitey, before firmly zonking out with his eyes open and losing control of all his bodily functions:

We’ve all been there buddy, don’t worry about it. Sounds like his owner was going to treat him to some water and a lot of cuddles to ease him out of wherever he’s found himself. Hope it wasn’t too hectic for the little guy.

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