Dude Gets Caught Out By This Selfie The Day Before His Wedding


A groom-to-be decided to celebrate his last day as a single man by taking a selfie behind the wheel.

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Pete Hemsley posted the photo on Twitter with the caption, “Last night as a single man. Married man as of tomorrow.” However, what he didn’t realise is that his reflective glasses revealed that he was driving at the time.

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Northumbria’s police department spotted the minor crime, and replied:

Please get in touch and we’ll send you your wedding present. £200 fine & 6 points.


Poor old Pete has since deleted his account after receiving a backlash of comments, such as:

It is people like this who end up destroying people lives through their own stupidity.

Good one Pete. You only wanted to send out a pre-wedding celebratory selfie and now you’ve landed yourself with six points and a hefty fine. Probably best to get a professional in for the wedding photos – if he can still afford it that is.

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