Watch This Dude Get Brutally Friend-Zoned On National Television

Friend Zoned

Unlucky bro.

There’s nothing worse than being shunted into the friend zone with a girl you like – especially when she maybe got drunk once and made out with you or something – but it’s way, way worse for your self esteem if this happens in front of a whole load of people.

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That’s exactly the awkward moment that this guy is faced with as he appeared on Wayne Brady’s ‘Let’s Make A Deal’. Clearly, Steve hadn’t talked through his relationship with Jessie beforehand as he’s visibly irked when she says that she’s single after he says they’ve been together for six months (fair enough reaction really) and says they should probably talk about it in private, before she blows him off again by clarifying that she’s 100% single.

Awkward. In fact so awkward that Brady doesn’t even say anything and instead just turns away because for once he doesn’t have some kinda quick-witted retort. Really grimace induing:

Damn. I just can’t keep watching it. Everything Jessie does just makes it ten times worse each time, like saying ‘we’re friends but he wants to….’ and then grabbing the mic and yelling that she’s single over and and over again. What an absolute bitch – Steve’s heart got well and truly vaporised by that point. Can’t see him making it through the other side really there. Sorry pal.

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