Dude Beats Up And Robs His Mate After He Beat Him In A Freestyle Rap Battle

When the battle rap gets too real.

A 18-year-old over in Iowa in the States is facing a first-degree robbery charge after beating up his friend, then robbing him at knifepoint.

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Alexander Regennitter had apparently been freestyle battle rapping with the other man at his flat last weekend when according to the police:

The victim said for no reason the defendant started punching him multiple times in the head.


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He then tried to reach into the victim’s pockets but when a struggle ensued, Alexander bit him in the arm.

He then pulled a knife from his pocket, opened the blade and robbed him of $100. The victim fled from the flat immediately afterwards and called police.

The really annoying thing here is that there’s no information on the actual content of the battle raps, which you’d think is the most important part of this story. How are we supposed to know the exact reason Alex flipped out on his mate if we don’t know what he rapped to him? Did he cuss his mum? His girlfriend? Did he get right in his face and tell him “there ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks”? The story says he attacked him for no reason but come on, we all know something was said during his freestyle that didn’t sit well with Alexander. Gotta have thick skin if you’re going to battle rap, everyone knows that.

To watch footage of a UK battle rapper pulling a whitey mid-battle, click HERE.


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