88-Year-Old Billionaire Duchess Dies And Leaves Nothing To Her 64-Year-Old Toy Boy Husband

She looks like Voldermort’s mum.

The 18th Duchess of Alba, one of Spain’s best-known public figures, died this week aged 88. She left the entirety of her £2.2 billion fortune to her six children and nothing to 64-year-old husband Alfonso Diez, who is 24 years her junior.

Diez, the Dutchess’s third husband, had signed a document renouncing himself from her wealth before they got married a few years ago after relatives accused him of being with her for the money. This means he’s not legally entitled to any of the money, but she might’ve left him some as a surprise after her death.


Instead — he got zilch. Assuming he wasn’t with this lady 25 years his senior for her looks and everything they had in common, then this has to be the worst gold-digging attempt of all time. But who knows — maybe he really did love her and didn’t care about the money at all.


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