Dubai’s Miracle Garden Looks Like A Trippy, Multi Coloured Wonder Land

Get me stoned and take me to Dubai’s Miracle Garden right now.

You’ve got to give Dubai credit. They may not have many (or any?) natural landmarks or tourist attractions but they sure know how to build them from scratch.

To be honest we shouldn’t even be doing them a favour by writing this up since Sick Chirpse is banned in the UAE. And after all we did for them writing about that mad party island they’re building or the tennis court they’ve got suspended in mid-air. Talk about gratitude eh?

But still, this was too awesome to pass up. Known as the ‘Miracle Garden’, it’s a super-flowery, super-luxury overload of colours in garden form. It’s the largest vertical garden in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records and some refer to it as a “piece of Eden”.

Obviously this being Dubai, you’d have to smoke the most stealthy, undercover joint in your life before getting lost in here for a couple hours — it’s literally that big. See for yourself…

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