Dua Lipa Put An Absolute Beatdown On The Grammy’s Last Night (VIDEO)

This girl is immense.

Did anyone even realise The Grammy’s were happening last night? Well whether you did or not, I’m pretty sure Dua Lipa stole the whole show with this electric performance of her song ‘Don’t Start Now’.

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Watch below:

Mama mia! Is that the perfect female pop star or what? Dua Lipa has the looks, the talent, the voice, the moves and the accent to basically take over the world. I mean is there anything in life you can’t accomplish when you have that much going for you?

Not only did she give that electric performance, she also won best pop vocal album of the year! Go Dua Go!

Keeping with the zeitgeist, Dua celebrated “female empowerment” when accepting her award:

I feel first of all, really, really grateful. I am over the moon and I am so grateful for the recognition.

For the recognition of women, I feel like there’s been a lot of female empowerment and lots of women winning awards tonight.

And so it’s been absolutely amazing to be alongside all that, to feel that energy and for an album that means so much to me I’m just so proud to be standing here with this award.

Just a shame for Dua Lipa no one watches the Grammy’s anymore. Lucky for her there’s smut blogs like ours around to share the highlights. You’re very welcome!

Here’s the full performance if you’re interested:

For the time Dua Lipa was ‘cancelled’ for sharing a map on Twitter associated with far right nationalists, click HERE. Spoiler = it didn’t work. Nice try, losers!


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