Dua Lipa Accused Of ‘Fascism’ For Sharing Map Associated With Extreme Far Right Nationalists


A Tweet in which Dua Lipa posted about the rights of indigenous Kosovo Albanians has sparked a fierce online debate that has resulted in people calling the pop superstar a fascist and calling for her to be ‘cancelled’, which is apparently what we do nowadays whenever we disagree with someone.

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To sum it up, Lipa posted a fake map of ‘Greater’ Albania, including Corfu, Epirus, Kosovo and other areas that don’t belong to Albania, ironically using a Greek word to justify its validity:

The map is associated with extremist Albanian nationalist propaganda calling for the annexation of Kosovo and parts of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece to create Greater Albania.

Lipa’s family have Albanian heritage and the London-born musician spent part of her childhood in Kosovo.

Here’s some of the reaction to her Tweet:

Well, I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the topic but it’s clearly a sensitive one that has Twitter properly riled up this week. The good news for Dua Lipa is that she doesn’t really need to worry about being ‘cancelled’ seeing as she officially became the first female artist in history to have 4 songs with 1B+ streams each on Spotify this week. So yeah, she could pretty much vouch for Hitler at this point and still have enough spins left out there to sustain her career.

For the last time people were calling to #cancelDuaLipa – because she threw money at strippers in a strip club – click HERE. Something tells me the hashtag won’t work this time around either.


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