Drunk Woman Arrested For Pouring Vodka Into Kid’s Eye Balls After He Splashed Her With Water


That’ll teach him.

A woman from North Carolina over in the States has been arrested this week after she poured vodka into the eyes of a 7-year-old boy.

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Both the woman and child were in the swimming pool area of the Sheraton Sand Key Hotel, where Roseanna Marie Kiser was chilling and drinking from a bottle of vodka. She got angry when the young boy splashed water near her while playing with other kids in the pool.

Apparently Roseanna grabbed the kid and proceeded to “open her bottle of vodka and pour some of its liquid contents directly into the eyes and face” of the boy. She then pushed him “further away from her into the water in the pool”.


When police went up to Roseanna’s room to confront her after someone called 911, she kicked one of the officers in the balls “multiple times” before being arrested.

She’s been charged with battery on a law enforcement office and child abuse charges, but was able to pay a $12,750 bond and was released from jail.


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No one likes getting splashed with water when they’re trying to stay dry, but pouring vodka into a child’s eye balls is probably a step too far revenge-wise.

Then again, looking at that mugshot, are we sure the kid didn’t pour the vodka into her eyes first?

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