Drunk Woman Tries To Distract Police Officer In The Dumbest Way Possible (VIDEO)

On the pull.

A video has emerged this week showing a drunk teacher over in the US trying to kiss a police officer while he’s attempting to arrest her.

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Saryna Parker, 43, was driving under the influence with her 10-year-old kid in the car when she rear-ended another vehicle. After failing field sobriety tests performed by police officers from the Florida Highway Patrol, she decided to try and use her womanly ways to entice one of the cops and distract him from booking her.

However, drunk people don’t have the most subtle pulling techniques and unfortunately for Saryna, it didn’t quite go to plan:

She absolutely nailed those field tests, hey? What the hell was that woman playing at being that drunk in the middle of the day… driving a car… with her kid. Ultimate wrong’un. That’s her banned from driving for the foreseeable future.

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