Drunk Student E-Mails Professor Asking For Essay Extension, Gets The Best Response Ever

I want to live in a world where ALL teachers and professors are like this one. Check out the response this kid got when he drunkenly e-mailed his professor asking for a deadline extension.

Most of us will know the feeling of leaving a college/uni essay till the very last minute, because after all you only live once so getting smashed and generally enjoying yourself should come first, right?

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Student Patrick Davidson had one of those nights when he decided to e-mail his professor, Mr Martin, while still drunk to ask for an extension on his essay deadline.

Mr Martin

He got back an absolute A+ response:

MrMartin 2

Love it. I wonder if Patrick woke up having completely forgotten about the e-mail he sent and went into panic mode when he saw he had a RE: e-mail from his lecturer the next afternoon. Lucky for him Mr. Martin has an excellent sense of humour, because you just know there’s lecturers out there who would have forwarded his e-mail to the head of his department and had him suspended or something. Not Mr. Martin though!

Let’s just make sure this student and the one who was so drunk he replied to his own text keep well away from each other. That’s a night out that could go spectacularly wrong…


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