Son Comes Home Drunk From Bar & Immediately Starts Dissing His Mum On Their Ring Camera


In the pre-Ring camera days, all you had to worry about when coming home drunk was getting the key in the door and making as little noise as possible as you made your way up the squeaky steps to bed without trying to wake up the rest of your family.

Well this lad, who is absolutely hammered, knew he was busted the moment he stepped in front of the Ring cam, and so what did he do? Decided to cut a full-on WWE-style heel promo on his mum, who was apparently vacationing in the Bahamas:

Lol – what a classic. Think I can see why mum needed that break in the Bahamas. I just hope, since they have Ring cam, that she uses the smartphone app to control the A/C from all way over there. That would be the ultimate dunk on her son after all the shit he was talking.

Will he even remember this interaction in the morning? Probably not. But he still should’ve walked inside and gone to bed instead of going nuts at the camera. What would be really funny is if his mum’s place was 2 doors down and he was just talking all that shit to a confused neighbour.

Let’s round this up with some Ring camera fails – enjoy:

For the thief whose boobs spilled out all over the Ring camera while she was stealing a package from someone’s front porch, click HERE.


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