Drunk Sexist Idiot Rants At McDonald’s Employee Over A Chicken Burger (VIDEO)

drunk person rant

Keepin’ it classy.

The guy in this video is the definition of a grade A douchebag. Not only is he being that textbook drunk aggressive guy, but he’s also throwing out all kinds of dumb, sexist bullshit during his rant.

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So what I understand from the comments made by the man making the video, this guy got into a little quibble with a female McDonald’s employee over a chicken burger. He starts going on about women’s rights and all this other crap, generally just making himself look like a drunken idiot who has no idea what he’s talking about.

Also, what kind of person has a go at people when they’re just trying to do their job? That woman is on shitty minimum wage, she doesn’t want to be there and then she’s got this aggy drunk dude having a go at her. He doesn’t even take note and fuck off when everyone around him is trying to tell him to chill out. Booze really is an evil drug.

Not cool. His only saving grace is that he managed to throw in a ‘I’d still fuck your mum’ joke, which is a pretty fucking funny thing to say. He’s still a proper bell-end though.

Hopefully once McDonald’s have properly rolled out their delivery service around the world, they won’t have to deal with drunk customers face-to-face anymore.


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