Scottish Woman Attacks Kebab Shop Workers, Pulls Her Boobs Out & Accuses Them Of Raping Her (NSFW)

What an absolute lunatic.

These clips out of Falkirk, Scotland are going viral today after a drunk Scottish woman turned up at a kebab house and demolished the place, while also attacking its workers, whipping her tits out and accusing them of raping her.

Fortunately, they got the whole thing on camera, and anyone with eyes and a brain can tell this gal is completely off her trolley:

Spitting, assault, property damage, racial abuse, false rape claims… Jesus, how awful can one person be? Also worth nothing that, as if these blokes weren’t already being civil and patient enough, they even averted the camera as soon as this nut job took her boobs out. Legends!

Strangely, the one story I could find on this incident over at the Scotsman has been deleted, but someone helpfully screenshotted a section of it which provides some more details:

Here’s some more reaction to the clip:

Would have loved to see this lady’s reaction when she woke up hungover in a bush/police station the next day. Hopefully she feels at least some semblance of shame and remorse and is made to pay and apologise for all the damage she caused. Inexcusable behaviour!

To watch a Glasgow woman unleash an unreal headbutt TKO to a man chatting up another woman, click HERE. Something in the water?


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