Drunk River Fight Leads To Humiliation (VIDEO)


There aren’t really any winners in this one.

There’s nothing better than seeing two boozed up idiots trying to fight each other and failing miserably because they’re so wasted – unless that fight takes place in a river of course.

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No idea where this is shot or even when, but it features two white dudes who are probably from somewhere in Middle America getting into it down by the river somewhere. Both of them are pretty trashed – although one significantly more so than the other – so neither of them can really stand up straight or throw punches that good, and the fight ends up just being a comedy of errors of two people falling over multiple times in a river.

Muppets. Although that guy did get a bit serious with the loser at the end when he whacked him in the face and kicked him. I suppose you’ve gotta be like that someone is still coming for you after you’ve already embarrassed them and beat the shit out of them though eh? Just give up already man, you can’t even get out of the river on your own FFS.

For more unfair fights, here’s a little old Russian man effortlessly knocking out two punk kids. Baller.


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