Drunk Redneck Brawl Leads To Old Dude Getting Knocked Out With Stunning Punch (VIDEO)

Redneck Fight Speedway

If you live in the south of America, then there’s probably nothing you look forward to more at the weekend than going out with the good ol’ boys, getting blackout drunk at your local speedway track and causing some trouble. Fantastic way to spend your time.

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If you’re lucky, you might get blackout of a different kind though, as illustrated in the video below. Your redneck buddies had had a bit too much to drink at the speedway track, and decided to start a pushing contest with some other locals. This soon descends into a full on brawl, with one sorry guy in a cowboy hat getting his clock truly cleaned by another guy.

Watch out for it:

That’s all she wrote. Wish there was speedway in England so I could get up to these kinds of antics every weekend myself. The dogs track just doesn’t cut it.

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