Watch This Drunk Mum Try To Drop Into A Skate Park

Drunk Mum Skate Park

No prizes for guessing how this turns out.

When I was a kid hanging out at the skate park, there was absolutely no way that I was letting my parents come anywhere near it because I knew that everyone would absolutely rinse me for it. In fact, I would get them to drop me off five minutes away so that it looked like I had got there on my own because it would just look cooler to everyone else. That’s just how it was back then.

Bearing that in mind, the kid whose mum is in this video has probably been completely and utterly ostracised from this skate community after her actions. It would be bad enough if your mum turned up drunk at the skate park and acted all embarrassing, but it really goes to the next level when she actually tries to skateboard and spectacularly fucks it up.

In the video below, a drunk mum is at the skate park and tries to drop into the ramp wearing flip flops. Obviously this is going to go completely terribly and I don’t really know how she could have even considered it might actually go well, but we’re glad she went for it because we’ve got this awesome video now. Just feel sorry for her kid.

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Ouch. At least she didn’t break any bones I suppose and her pride is the only thing that’s actually going to suffer lasting damage. What an absolute moron though.

Not sure if she’s as big an idiot as some of the other candidates for mum of the year though.


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