Man Fears He’ll Soon Be Single After Getting Stone Island Tattoo On Night Out


Stone Island has become something of a meme brand given its association with Liam Gallagher, old school football hooliganism, and the waves of Stone Island badges you see at grounds like Burnley and Milwall.

Well, Bolton Wanderers fan Nat Conway has taken the Stone Island meme to the next level by getting the logo tattooed on his arm on a night out. Although as The Daily Star first reported, it was a shock to him and all:

Nat Tweeted out the image and tagged the handle @badge_is_in, a parody account dedicated to images of people wearing Stone Island gear. It’s a lot more exhilarating than it sounds. Here are some examples of Stone Island badges in the wild:

There you have it. You’re probably no further than 100m from a Stone Island badge right now, or anywhere you are in the world. All you’ve got to do is keep an eye out.

Good luck to Nat Conway and his girlfriend anyway. With how viral his Tweet has gone, he might even be looking at some free Stone Island gear as a consolation to getting dumped by his missus. Not a bad compromise.

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