A Drunk Man Was Filmed Urinating All Over A Crowded Beach After Downing A Bottle Of Vodka



We know lockdown has had people acting up all over the place and in some instances being completely unreasonable and weird, but I think this video really is something next level even in that context.

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The video comes courtesy of 34 year old admin worker Hollie Hodges who was trying to enjoy a day out at the beach in Weymouth with her husband Craig and their seven year old daughter Lola when she noticed a man drinking an entire bottle of vodka to himself just in front of them. The guy then fell asleep face down in the sand before waking up and taking a massive slash right there in the middle of the beach in front of a hell of a lot of people.

You can watch the video below and hear Hollie’s thoughts on the matter underneath that:

We were really shocked by what we saw. It was a really drunk gentleman on the beach being quite loud and weird.

Then he slept on the beach and he had sand all over his face and he was stumbling around looking a bit lost, so I started recording.

I thought he was going to do something funny and then he just started urinating.

After a while I thought he was going to walk to the sea, but he just stopped right there.

He was in full view, there were quite a few people who saw it – it was the talk of the town that day.

There were children around and people were shocked.

He went up to a family after he finished, they weren’t there with him – he just stumbled over the women and fell over.

I have no idea what he was doing. I think he didn’t know where he was – he didn’t say anything to them. It looked like he just wanted a hug or something.

He downed a whole bottle of vodka. You shouldn’t get that drunk, especially if you’re prone to not knowing what you’re going to do.

It’s antisocial behaviour isn’t it, and shows a lack of consideration for everyone else.

Yeah, she is right about that but I suppose you can also argue that it’s kind of antisocial for her to film him just so she can put it up on the internet for everyone to laugh at. The guy clearly needed some help because he was in a bit of a state, but in fairness I doubt if I was there then I would have been the one to rush to his aid.

Here’s hoping he managed to find his way home and didn’t feel too bad in the morning – at least until he saw a video of his behaviour going viral. That’s not gonna help your hangover.

For more of the same, check out this drunk man scaling a 150 foot suspension bridge. Not a recommended activity when you’re wasted either.



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