Watch A Drunk Lisa Stansfield Get Her Prince Story Upstaged By Some Nobody News Presenter

Lisa Stansfield

Embarrassing in more ways than one.

The Prince tributes have been flying in for the past 24 hours and for some reason BBC Breakfast thought it would be a good idea to get Lisa Stansfield in to talk about her memories of him. Not really sure why they picked someone who hasn’t been relevant for about 20 years for the honour but hey, I don’t run the channel do I? I suppose it has at least started a debate about whether she was wasted or not, which is always good for business.

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In the clip below, Stansfield – who is dressed up like Baron Samedi for some reason – is talking to the two presenters and seems like she’s kinda wasted. Anyway, her story is pretty crap to be honest and she’s completely upstaged by presenter Naga Munchetty who reveals that she was at a club where Prince was in attendance and he picked her out of the crowd for a dance. What?

Hmm. I’m not sure if she’s wasted or she’s just like that anyway – you know how girls from up north can be sometimes? And to be fair she did ask Naga what everyone viewing that segment would have been thinking – if you’re going to tell a story like that you’ve really got to finish the punchline.

Stansfield’s story reminds me of the kind that your mate tells you when you’re down the pub and it starts off kind of good, then just doesn’t go anywhere and meanders into an awkward non-punchline. You know the one I mean. That kinda indicates she might have been a bit pissed, but again I can imagine her being the kind of person who would just tell a story like that anyway.

Her representatives have denied that she was licked, so that’s that – I guess we’ll never know. For more people drunk on air, check out some pill heads from the X Factor appearing on early morning television.


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